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Tylertown First Baptist Ministries

Matters of Interest!

First Day of School: Many Students from Bogalusa and Tylertown today converged at the First Baptist Church in Tylertown for an Orientation and registration Exercise! what an awesome time we had seeing how their souls are hungry for the word of God and ready to be trainned and equiped! Check out some pictures! Yes! God is doing a mighty thing here and its all to His Glory!


A Dedicated Staff are constantly busy making sure that this School is run smoothly God is raising up workers in His Kingdom to do the works of the ministry.





There are Three different Types of Diplomas for the students who graduate from Global School of Ministry.

Certificate of Christian Leadership:
This is a one year Certificate given to those students who successfully Complete the first Year of Bible School and obtain a minimum of sixty four (64)Credits.
Ministerial Diploma:
This Diploma is awarded to students who successfully complete two years of Bible School and abtain a minimum of one hundred thirty (130) Credits.
Honours Diploma:
This Diploma is awarded to students enrolled in the honours Program, completing all the requirements, the directive reading program and successfully passing the oral defense on their thesis presentation.


Sitting and listening to the teaching is such a joy because a well of information is being poured out! and Revelation is in the house!






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