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Cathedral of Deliverance Ministries
World Conference 2003


World Conference 2003
Praise and Worship Ministries
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 "Kingdom Prophesy Fulfilled"
June 16-22, 2003

Join First Baptist Church Ministries
and gain life changing instructions
on how to posess your destiny.
Dynamic speakers from around the world will challenge you to move into an awakened state of God's presence.  Grounded in Biblical knowledge, these ministers of the Living God will enlighten you in daily seminars.
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Apostolic Ministry
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2003 World Conference Speakers

Apostle Walter Smith, Tylertown, MS

The Call of An Apostle

For a long time, he was known as Pastor Smith. But in 1991 he was decreed and declared an Apostle, a man chosen by God to establish the work of the ministry in this city, this region and the world.


Apostle Smith is a native of Tylertown, MS and is married to Shirley Smith, a native of Brookhaven, MS. They have three (3) children, Joshua, John, and Gweneka. Apostle Smith has pastored First Baptist Church since 1982. He attended J. J. Gulledge High School in Tylertown and graduated in 1970 with a mind to continue his education.


His heart led him to Alcorn State University. He arrived with no funds to pay his tuition and fees. But by the favor of God, he received a scholarship, which covered the costs. By ambition and favor he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Social Studies. He later received a Masters degree in guidance Counseling from Jackson State University. He also studied at Oral Roberts university.


After accomplishing his educational goals, he returned to Tylertown. Since then, he has served this county, community and state in many capacities. He served as County Director of the Walthall County Department of Human Services, board member of "'Faculty Fellow", The Foundation for Mid-South, The March of Dimes Foundation, Mississippi Home Corporation, and board member of the Southwest Health Agency for Rural People. He is also a Certified Behavioral Therapist, certified Addition Specialist, Licensed Social Worker State board Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists.


It is his God-given goal to restore broken lives, rebuild families, empower people for change by tearing down traditional thinking and raise the standard of living of the oppressed to a standard of excellence by imparting vision in the minds of people in this region and the world. He has traveled locally and internationally and has ministered in several countries including, India, France and Africa, supporting and establishing churches to accomplish this goal.


The vision that God has given Apostle is not just learned it is experienced. God told Apostle Smith to raise up a people who would praise Him, worship Him, learn of Him, obey Him and reach the world with the power of His love.  He believes that whoever you are, wherever you are, if you are available, God can use you-your time, talents, and your treasure to help change the world.


A great Spiritual Awakening is now taking place, throughout the world and we have unparallel opportunity to become involved. Apostle Smith believes that the awakening of the first century will be duplicated in our time through the church, the body of Christ, under the direction and control of the Holy Spirit, as Christians win people to Christ, build them in the faith and send them out into ministry of discipleship.


The Spirit of the Lord is raising up a strong testimony to the transforming power of Jesus Christ in this Southwestern portion of Mississippi. As he see the evidence of the dry bones beginning to live again, we are constantly humbled and in awe at this great move of God. He has heard Gods command to reach the unreached for Jesus Christ.



Called for such a time as this, we are honored to have as our Pastor and set man of the First Baptist Church Cathedral of Deliverance Apostle Walter J. Smith.

Bishop J. Kalema, Kenya

Bishop Joseph Kalema is the founder and visionary of Pentecost Restoration Ministries Int'l.  Pastor, spiritual father, husband, father and excellence are all words to describe this remarkable man of God


Bishop Joseph Kalema is married to Mrs. Catherine Kalema. They are serving God together in ministry and are blessed with five children.


Bishop Kalema is a graduate of Pentecost Bible School, Morris Cerullo School of Ministry and Christ for the Nations in the U.S.A. He is currently the East African Regional Director and Associate Minister with Morris Cerullo World Evangelism and is also the Director of the School of Biblical Studies in Africa, which is affiliated with the Gary Whetson World-Wide Ministries.


Reverend Kalema was born of Catholic parents and, at the age of five, he was called to serve God as a Prophet and Apostle to the Nations. He started his life in Ministry while in a Catholic Monastery. Upon completion of Minor Seminary, he served as a Junior Priest while waiting to go to Major Seminary to be a full priest. It was at this time that Jesus Christ saved him.


Bishop Joseph Kalema was ordained as a minister of the gospel in 1984, and is noted as a father in ministry. He has had over 25 years of serving God in various ministerial capacities as he works to fulfill God's call upon his life. For 19 years he has served and ministered as an Associate Minister with the Morris Cerullo World Evangelism both locally and internationally. He is currently serving, with an Apostolic Ministry, overseeing Churches and Ministries both locally and abroad. He was also the President of Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship Chapter (FGBMF) in Fort Portal, Uganda for five years and is still a member of the fellowship.


Reverend Kalema has served as a Social Worker in the Government of Uganda, the African Foundation (Non - Governmental Organization in Uganda). He has also served as a National Evangelist, Youth Pastor, and as a Purchasing and Clearing Officer for over 600 churches of the United Pentecostal Churches International in Uganda.


Throughout his calling, Reverend Kalema has remained true and faithful in taking God's Message to the Nations. He believes in preparing individuals for integral leadership roles within the Body of Christ, by empowering individuals to activate their fullest potential towards realizing their prophetic destiny. These he does through conducting crusades, leadership and workers seminars, Family of Excellence Conferences, and Prophetic and Intercessory Conferences -- to name a few.


Bishop Kalema is the Executive Pastor of Dominion Assembly located in Nairobi City, Kenya. He ministers with a vision as he preaches and teaches with a father's touch and stirring faith in the believer and unbeliever. Bishop Joseph Kalema has been commissioned by God to take God's Message around the world for restoration of broken foundations in the body of Christ; restoration of the Pentecost experience; and the original intention of God for His people.


The call of God upon his life has taken Bishop Kalema through various nations in Africa, the United States, Canada, Middle East and Europe, ministering healing to the sick, deliverance to the oppressed, and giving encouragement to those seeking Christ. Through him, God has been manifesting Himself through demonstration of His healing and miracle-working power.


Bishop Kalema is committed to passing the anointing upon his life to many nationals, restoring prophetic intercession in the Body of Christ in these last days, and winning lost souls to Christ.

Dr. Paul Ang, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Pastor Paul Ang has been blessed by the Lord with a powerful prophetic, teaching and evangelistic ministry, which has released many into the perfect will of God for their lives and ministries. His motivational and prophetic teaching has lifted churches and ministers into higher realms of spiritual experience and ministry establishment.

Before he was the senior pastor of River of Christ (formerly Tabernacle of Glory), he had been an itinerant minister for more than 10 years. The Lord led him to pastor River of Christ for more than five years. He is now full time itinerant and the author of five books.

God has given him the grace and faith for international ministry. He has ministered in 22 nations. He is blessed with a lovely wife, Dr. Christina Ang and a son, Asher. Pastor Paul and Pastor Christina are now based in SIB church (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) as they serve God in the itinerant ministry.

Dr. Grizzle, Tulsa, OK

A native of Jamaica, Dr. Grizzle immigrated to England in 1996, where he attended High School and college. Upon graduation from Ebenezer Bible Institute in Birmingham, England, in 1968. He was commissioned by the New Testament Church of God as a missionary to Ghana, West Africa. After four years of missionary service, he matriculated at Lee University, Cleveland, Tennessee, completing a B. A. Degree in 1975. Thereupon, he attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, where he earned both the M. Div. And Ph. D. Degrees.

Dr. Grizzle blends the best insights of practical ministry and scholarly endeavor in communicating the word of God. An ordained minister in the Church of God, he has over thirty years of experience in the church and classroom. HE is a former missionary, a professor of New Testament and Greek for twenty years at Oral Roberts University Graduate School of Theology and Missions, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and author of Church Aflame (Pathway Press, 2001). He is a contributor to The Spirit-Filled Life Bible (Nelson Publisher) and The African Cultural Heritage Topical Bible (Pneuma Life Publishers). Dr. Grizzle is the founder and pastor of Hope International Ministries in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a popular speaker at conventions and conferences nationally and internationally.

Over the years, God has placed upon him a burden for the spiritual well-being of ministers and families. This has led to enriching Ministerial/Leadership and Marriage Seminars, which he conducts with great results on both the national and international levels.

Dr. Grizzle is happily married to Maureen, who was born in Nottingham, England. They have two children: Andre` and Renee.


Pastor P. Dawkins, Derby, UK

Pastor Patrick Dawkins is a man raised up and called by God to affect both the Secular & Church Worlds.  Called to the Nations from a background of drug addiction and the many vices that accompany it, he has seen the transforming power of God in his own life and ministry.


Pastor Dawkins has been pastoring 15 years and recently ordained to full time ministry in 2002 at which time the Ministry of All Nations for Christ has begun to see a major upturn in growth and spiritual vibrancy.  The ministry has people of a variety of cultural backgrounds and  diversity of ages in attendance.


As well as unifying and building the Body of Christ, mentoring and encouraging the Youth,  his desire is to preach the undiluted Word and promote the Kingdom of God and the Power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the earth and to bring many to salvation.


He is married with two children who fully support the ministry and recognise the call of God on his life.

Dr. Williams

Dr. Williams earned the Bachelor of Arts degree from Westminster College (MO); the Master of Divinity degree from Yale University and the Doctor of Ministry degree from Southern Methodist University. While at Yale, he was the recipient of the coveted YALE GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP and the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION "Protestant Fellowship." His doctoral dissertation (on mentoring as an evangelistic methodology), was awarded the highest honors upon its completion at SMU. He has also received several honorary degrees. Prior to his coming to Houston in 1984, Dr. Williams was the first African-American to sit on the Connecticut Board of Higher Education, the governing board for the State's higher education system. He has served on the Board of Directors of the National Baptist Convention USA, Inc. and on the Governing Board of the National Council of Churches. In 30 years of public service, Dr. Williams has amassed numerous honors and achievements. Among them: Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum (Class XVII); being named one of Houston's top fifteen African-American ministers by the Houston Defender (1999); President of HOPE for the Inner City, Inc. (a community development corporation committed to the building of affordable housing and small business development); Chair, Board of Directors of HOPE for Houston, Inc. (a social service agency that utilizes public/private partnerships to develop innovative strategies to assist in the empowerment of historically disadvantaged communities); Advisory Board, New Hope Housing Corporation; Chair, Clergy Partnership for Community Development. In 1999, Dr. Williams was elected to represent District IV, perhaps the most ethnically and economically diverse district in the HCCS service region. In his first year on the Board of Trustees he has served as Deputy Secretary; Chair, Finance Committee and Chair of the Ad Hoc Chancellor Search Committee.

Dr. Williams is the author of three books and numerous articles in both scholarly journals and professional periodicals. He and his wife Donna have three children.

Pastor Emmanual Sackey,Ghana

Pastor Emmanuel Sackey, the  founder and president of Revival Harvest Ministries.He pastors one of the fastest growing Apostolic Churches in Somaanya,Ghana.He has ministered in Conferences, Crusades, and Conventions throughout Ghana, Africa, and America with  demonstrations of the power of God  that brings healing and deliverance.He has a unique ability to empower  people to move in their devine calling.
He is married to Pamela, they have three children, Amanda, Barnabas, and Lyanne.

Dr. Harold Dewberry

Dr. Harold Dewberry is an internationally known teacher and evangelist. An Australian by birth, he found Teen Challenge in NSW in the early 1970's. Now as the Senior Pastor of En Agape Christian Fellowship in Alta Loma, California, he oversees the Training School, Resident House Ministry, Church Counseling Centre, and the spiritual growth of the congregation. Dr. Dewberry preaches healing of the spirit, soul and body, desiring to see the Body of Christ effectively trained in caring for the souls of individuals and families.

The waves of life are sometimes high, but God can calm all storms.